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Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore


When you think something is amiss with your body, trust your instincts and call your doctor. For women, there are many early warning signs of cancer that are easy to ignore. They include: Irregular bleeding – “Anything out of the ordinary can be cause for concern,” says ...
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Continuing Care Clinic


Nobody wants to return to the hospital shortly after being discharged. Saint Francis Medical Center’s Continuing Care Clinic aims to help patients take the necessary steps to stay out of the hospital. “We provide ongoing management for their chronic disease,” says clinical coordinator, Bernadette Huston, MSN, ...
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Lymph Node Testing

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Melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, kills about 9,000 Americans each year. Studies have shown the best way to find out if melanoma has spread is to perform a sentinel node biopsy after surgically removing a cancerous lesion. During this biopsy, the ...
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Assessing Your Risk For Breast Cancer


About one in eight women will develop cancer during their lifetime. While researchers do not know why cancer occurs, they have identified several factors that increase a person’s risk for breast cancer. Being a woman – While men can also develop breast cancer, the disease is ...
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Treat Stomach Problems


Many gastrointestinal (GI) problems are closely linked to anxiety and stress. If you commonly experience a “nervous feeling” in your stomach, talk to your doctor about underlying issues that may be causing the problem. “Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that involves inflammation of the intestinal ...
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Foods for Nursing Moms


If you are breast-feeding your baby, it is important to stick to a balanced, nutritious diet so your baby receives the nutrients he or she needs. In general, you should add about 500 calories per day to your diet. “Breast-feeding moms need large amounts of calcium ...
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Keep Your Breasts Healthy


One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, and one in two women will experience some sort of breast problem. So it is important that women pay attention to their breasts to make sure there have not been any changes. “Some health professionals ...
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Combat Germs


Germs can spread quickly among children – sometimes creating mini-epidemics at schools. You can decrease your children’s risk of spreading and contracting illness if you teach your children these tips to combat germs: Wash hands. “It may sound simple, but washing with soap and water is ...
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TAVR for Aortic Stenosis


Aortic stenosis occurs when the aortic valve narrows, obstructing blood flow from the heart. Patients with severe aortic stenosis usually need surgery to replace the valve, but some people are not good candidates for surgery. Saint Francis’ Heart Valve Center now offers an alternative treatment for ...
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Pink Tie Guys Calendar


Guys can look good in pink, too: Just ask the men of Pink Up’s Pink Tie Guy Calendar. “Breast cancer does not only affect women,” says Steven C. Bjelich, FACHE-D, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Center. “Men can have breast cancer, too. Even ...
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