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Low-impact Exercises


Exercise is an essential component of living a healthy life. If you have joint or back problems, however, some high-impact exercises can be painful or harmful. “An elliptical machine and a bicycle are the lowest impact exercises,” says Jeffrey W. Childers, MD, family practice physician at Saint Francis Medical Center. “The elliptical, in particular, is my favorite piece of equipment because it causes minimal stress to your knees, hips and back.” Before starting any type of exercise, you should always undergo a stretching routine.Childers_Jeffrey “When you exercise on an elliptical, your muscles immediately tighten up,” says Childers. “Stretching first can help you gain much more from your workout.”Yoga, too, can be a low-impact way to improve your strength and health. “Yoga enhances your awareness of how your body is responding to the stretching,” says Childers. “It also improves your mental well-being.”
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