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Safety for Endoscopic Procedures


A certain amount of risk is involved in any surgical procedure. At Saint Francis Healthcare System, the staff who performs endoscopic procedures, such as colonoscopies and upper endoscopies, takes special care to make the procedure as safe as possible for the patient. “During colonoscopies, we used ...
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Weight Gain During Pregnancy


While pregnant, keep a close eye on the foods you eat because you should only be consuming about 300 extra calories per day. Gaining too much or too little weight could affect your child’s birth weight or cause problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure. “Your ...
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Restless Legs Syndrome Can Impair Sleep


Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a disorder in which a person experiences a “creepy-crawly” feeling in his or her legs and has an irresistible urge to move them — most often when lying or sitting down. It is considered a sleep disorder because it can ...
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Less Invasive Valve Replacement


The aortic valve controls the flow of blood out of the heart. When it begins to fail, an aortic valve replacement is often the best option to solve the problem. While doctors typically recommend open-heart surgery, some patients are too fragile to be able to ...
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Understanding Bladder Infections 


While both men and women contract bladder infections (also called urinary tract infections, or UTIs), women are much more likely than men to experience this painful occurrence. Symptoms include pain during urination, blood in the urine and a frequent urge to urinate. “Bladder infections are not ...
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Getting Ready for the Wedding Dress


When Cindy Wyman first met the staff at Saint Francis Healthcare System’s Weight Loss Solutions, she was put at ease after many years of struggling with her weight. Wyman had been dieting and consulting with physicians for many years, but was never able to achieve ...
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Surgeon Joins Trauma Service


When others ask him to name his favorite hobby, Joseph M. McClain, MD, MS, FACS, trauma surgeon, Saint Francis Medical Partner does not hesitate. “I always say my job is my favorite hobby,” says McClain, who recently came to Saint Francis. “At the end of ...
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Ankle Replacement


If you suffer from severe arthritis in your ankle, you may be a candidate for ankle replacement surgery. “Many patients can find relief with treatment such as medications, activity modification or bracing,” says R. August Ritter III, MD, orthopedic surgeon who practices at Saint Francis Healthcare ...
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Saint Francis Begins New Partnership With Kneibert Clinic


It’s a new partnership for the new year! Kneibert Clinic, a multispecialty clinic in Poplar Bluff, Mo., has joined the Saint Francis Healthcare System. As of January 1, all providers at Kneibert Clinic are now part of Saint Francis Medical Partners, physicians and providers affiliated ...
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Faulty Thyroid


Untreated thyroid problems can cause depression, weight gain and loss of energy and can put you at risk for heart disease, infertility and many other medical problems. The following are some of the classic signs of a thyroid issue: Fatigue – People with hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) ...
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