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Prevent Infection in Emergency Department


When you visit the emergency department, you become exposed to many different viruses and diseases. However, if you take basic precautions, you can minimize your risk of infection when you or a loved one need emergency care. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after visiting ...
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Nosebleeds: When to Seek Help


Nosebleeds are most common among children ages 2 to 10 and adults ages 50 to 80. Most are not serious, but if you have been experiencing repeated nosebleeds – or additional bleeding in other parts of your body, such as in your stool or urine ...
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Combat Chemo Side Effects


Over the years, researchers have been able to improve chemotherapy drugs so the side effects are minimal. For those drugs that do cause unpleasant side effects, doctors have many weapons in their arsenal to help you lead a full life while undergoing treatment. “It is important ...
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Hospital Discharge Plans


When you are an inpatient at Saint Francis Medical Center, a hospitalist (doctor who is based at the Medical Center) cares for you and manages your treatment. But when you leave the hospital, your primary care physician will direct any follow-up care. “Before you return home, ...
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Gluten-Free Diet


If you have celiac disease, you will need to adopt a gluten-free diet to eliminate your symptoms. So how do you know if you have celiac disease? “It can be difficult to determine whether you have celiac disease because the symptoms are similar to those of ...
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Losing Weight Through Diet and Exercise


A year ago, Tony Twidwell had difficulty managing a mile-long walk with his wife and dog. Now, thanks to an 80-pound weight loss, he has no problem walking three to five miles, and has even participated in several 5K races. Twidwell, 47, attributes his success to ...
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Treatment for Rashes


Rashes are common and could indicate many different types of issues, including allergic reactions to medications or plants, eczema, extreme heat and viruses. But how do you know when you should seek medical treatment? “If you cannot easily identify the cause of the rash – such ...
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Herniated Disk Treatment


A herniated disk occurs when one of the cushions between the bones in your spine slips out of place, sometimes causing pain in your arm or leg. In most cases, you will be able to relieve the pain using medications and physical therapy. “Depending on your ...
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Joint Replacement “Graduates” Dance the Night Away


Five years ago, Steven Berry could not even walk, let alone dance. “Every time I put my foot on the ground, it hurt so much I could hardly stand it,” says the Buncombe, Ill. resident. After undergoing a total knee replacement at Saint Francis Medical Center ...
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After-Surgery Care


When you have surgery, it is important that you follow every step of your surgeon’s instructions in caring for your incision site. “The No. 1 reason why patients experience problems is because they are not doing what their surgeon told them to do,” says Janna ...
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