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Cardiac Risk Assessments


If you have a history of heart disease, smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you should participate in a regular cardiac risk assessment. This can occur during a routine physical examination with your primary care physician, or during an office visit with a cardiologist. “Our ...
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A Mom’s Healthy Turnaround 

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For Meghan Cook, the turning point in her struggle with weight came last summer at her daughter’s softball practice. When the coach invited parents to scrimmage with their daughters, Cook fell on her way to first base because her size made it difficult to run. “I ...
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Recognize Endometriosis


During menstruation, a woman sheds endometrial cells from inside the uterus. When those cells grow abnormally outside the uterus, the woman has a condition called endometriosis. The most common symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain. “The best way to distinguish between normal cramping during menstruation and ...
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Fight Fatigue


If you feel tired all the time, there could be a medical reason … or you might just be taking on too much in your life. Here are some reasons you could be experiencing fatigue: Underactive thyroid: Called “hypothyroidism,” this condition occurs when your body does ...
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Nurses Team Up to Help Patients Stay Well


The last thing any person wants after returning home from the hospital is to be readmitted. Saint Francis is beginning a new nursing model that aims to provide more targeted care to reduce the number of readmissions. Under this model, called Practice Partners, registered nurses (RNs) ...
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Continuum of Care

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When you are admitted to Saint Francis Medical Center, you may be under the care of a hospitalist – an internal medicine physician who coordinates a hospital patient’s care. A hospitalist manages your hospital care, which may include assisting communication with specialists and primary care ...
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Causes of Low Testosterone


There are many health conditions that can trigger low testosterone, including obesity, diabetes, kidney damage and changes in thyroid function. In many of these cases, your body is simply putting more effort into fighting a chronic condition than it is into producing testosterone. “Another cause of ...
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Minimally Invasive Lesion Removal 


When a person has an unusually large or cancerous lesion in his colon or another part of his gastrointestinal tract, endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) can be an effective, minimally invasive method to remove that lesion. “While a colonoscopy or polypectomy can be used to remove small ...
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Heart Disease and the Flu


If you have heart disease, catching the flu can be dangerous and even deadly. This is because the flu can cause added stress to your body, which affects your blood pressure and heart function. A person with heart disease is also at high risk for ...
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Causes of Throat Cancer


Although researchers do not know exactly what causes throat (laryngeal) cancer, they do know some people are more likely than others to develop the disease. In particular, people who smoke tobacco are at high risk for throat cancer. “While smoking is perhaps linked with lung ...
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