Water Wins, Sports Drinks Second Best


When hydrating for the big game, make sure you’re drinking a sports drink like Gatorade, and not an energy drink like Red Bull. For everyday hydration, however, water is always best.

“Sports drinks have electrolyte replacements, specifically sodium and potassium, to keep your electrolytes in balance as you sweat during a sporting event,” says Janna R. Crosnoe, MD, family practice physician at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Energy drinks, by and large, don’t have those.”

Additionally, many energy drinks contain caffeine. Hence, like any other caffeinated beverage, caffeinated energy drinks can lead to dehydration, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety and even addiction.

Crosnoe_Janna“Water is the No. 1 drink we should all go to,” says Crosnoe. “It’s the best thing to drink for everyone, children and adults, because it keeps you from becoming dehydrated. Save caffeine for just certain situations and electrolyte replacement for sporting events.”

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