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Healthy Business

Drug Use Takes a Toll on Workplace Productivity


Chances are good that at least one person in your workforce uses illegal drugs. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), approximately 70 percent of the almost 15 million Americans who use illegal drugs are employed. While job jumping is not necessarily ...
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Older Workers Bring Challenges and Benefits to the Workplace


As the early portion of the Baby Boomer generation passes age 65, employers are seeing a demographic shift that makes health concerns an even higher priority than it may have been for younger workforces. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, American workplaces are nearing ...
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Some Simple Tips Can Help Workers Avoid Digital Eyestrain


The prevalence of computers, phones and other digital devices is taking its toll on the vision of workers around the world. Prevent Blindness®, an organization focused on vision health, is increasing its efforts to promote eye health in the workplace in light of statistics that show ...
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Small Business Owners Cite Workplace Safety as Their Top Risk Concern


More small business owners are concerned about workplace safety than any other aspect of business risk, according to a recent survey commissioned by the insurance group Employers Holdings Inc. Thirty-five percent of respondents listed workplace safety as their top concern, far outdistancing the next highest issues ...
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Regular Ergonomics Training Helps Workers Better Understand Risks


Your employees may be retaining some of that ergonomics training after all. A new study published in the December 2013 supplement of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine looked at the effectiveness of ergonomics training in helping employees identify risk factors for injuries. Researchers from the University ...
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Study Shows Workers in These 10 Professions Are Most Prone to Obesity


As employers become more involved in workplace wellness, studies show that employees in certain professions present a more serious challenge because they are more prone to obesity.  According to a Washington State Department of Labor and Industries study published in the January edition of Preventing Chronic ...
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Catch-up Sleep May Not Help as Much as You Think

Businessman asleep at his desk on white background

How often have you rationalized your way through a week of sleeping fewer hours than you should by saying you would catch up on the weekend? According to a study conducted by researchers at Penn State University and three other schools, that catch-up sleep is only ...
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Health, Cognitive Function Suffers When Workaholism Takes Hold


Every employer appreciates having dedicated employees who demonstrate a strong work ethic and enthusiasm to go the extra mile. Potential problems arise when that willingness to work hard crosses the line into workaholism. According to workaholism specialist Barbara Killinger, PhD, a workaholic is a work-obsessed individual ...
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