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Night Shift Works Face Nature’s Clock


As convenient as it would be to have all workers on duty during daylight hours, the reality is many industries require a percentage of employees to work third shift. From hospital workers to truck drivers and factory workers, night owls battle an additional set of ...
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Air Quality Makes Work-Related Asthma a Common Problem


If you experience more trouble breathing and find yourself coughing more at work, you’re not alone. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in six adults with asthma either developed the condition on the job or have their ...
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Workers Fare Better When Natural Light is Plentiful


It should come as no surprise that workers with more exposure to natural light have better productivity and attitude than their windowless counterparts. But a recent study confirms these fortunate workers enjoy benefits away from work, too. According to a study from Northwestern Medicine and the ...
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Workers Who Stand for Long Periods Face Extra Fatigue Factor


Prolonged standing on the job has not received the attention that ergonomically correct sitting positions have garnered over the past several years, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t health problems associated with being on your feet. A study recently published in Human Factors, the journal of ...
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Lone Workers Need Additional Safety Considerations


26If it’s true there is safety in numbers, then lone workers may be susceptible to injury simply by the fact there is no one nearby to offer assistance. Employers need to take special precautions to account for these workers during the course of their shift. What ...
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Use These Tips to Prevent Accidents on Construction Sites


The numbers are chilling. Approximately 150,000 job site injuries occur across the country every year, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). That means chances are high that someone in your workforce will get hurt on a construction site this year. Construction site injuries ...
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Computer Vision Syndrome Can Cut Into Worker Productivity


“Cheater” reading glasses are common among workers who battle the strain of looking at a computer screen all day. However, these quick-fix lenses provide minimal aid in counteracting Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Computer and mobile device usage is contributing to vision problems starting at younger ages ...
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Duration and Decibel Levels Combine to Create Risks to Hearing


Hearing loss from excessive noise can be an insidious health risk, gradually increasing in severity until an individual suddenly realizes they are not able to hear as well as they once did. And then it’s too late. Unlike many workplace injuries, hearing loss does not heal ...
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