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Healthy Business

Working Long Hours Are Probably Doing You More Harm Than Good


Workers who put in more than 40 hours per week or log extended shifts are increasing their risk of stress-related health issues and safety concerns, according to findings by researchers with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. In 16 of the 22 studies addressing ...
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Flu Shots, Staying Home When Sick Keep the Workplace Healthier


This week’s cold spell brings a reminder that the cold and flu season is here, and workers can take some simple precautions to prevent getting sick and spreading germs in the workplace. The medical community encourages every person to get a flu shot each year before ...
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Employers Look to Limit Incidences of Repetitive Strain Injury


It doesn’t take a forceful movement to begin the journey toward developing a repetitive strain injury (RSI). Something as gentle as a mouse click or trackball roll can add up to debilitating pain if repeated often enough. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, RSI is ...
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Business Health Summit Tackled Worksite Wellness Program Challenges


Business leaders from throughout the region gained insight into successful worksite wellness programs at the seventh annual Business Health Summit, a free program held September 25 in the Saint Francis Conference Center. Sponsored by Saint Francis Medical Center’s Services to Business program, the day opened with ...
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Mobile Device Usage Increases Need for Distracted Working Policies


Laws addressing distracted driving are gaining momentum across the country for good reason: The use of mobile devices takes the driver’s attention away from the task at hand and puts people at risk. The same holds true in the workplace, where distractions caused by cellular phones ...
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5 Factors That Can Impact the Success of Your Workplace Wellness Program


Workplace wellness programs are fraught with potential pitfalls that can turn a company’s well-intentioned efforts into a downward spiral of wasted resources. Knowing how to avoid the five most common reasons behind wellness program failure will help your organization get the biggest bang for its buck. Difficult ...
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