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Basic Precautions Can Minimize the Risk of Flu Outbreak


Flu season can develop into an employer's worst nightmare when a particularly aggressive strain of the virus sweeps through the workforce. However, there are basic precautions employers can take to minimize the chances of a serious outbreak affecting their business. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration ...
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Workplace Stresses Can Produce Neck Pain for Tensed-Up Workers


"My job is a pain in the neck" is more than a metaphorical statement for some workers. Approximately one in three people suffer from neck pain, and workplace stress often is a significant factor. The hunched shoulders, clenched jaws and tensed neck muscles common with workplace ...
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Attention to Detail Reduces the Chances of Taking a Tumble


Slips, trips and falls are among the most common and preventable accidents in the workplace and that's not even taking into consideration the potential for winter weather to add slippery outdoor surfaces to the mix. Following routine housekeeping procedures minimize the chances that unseen wet or ...
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Any Angle of Reach Can Produce Shoulder Tendinitis


Repetitive overhead motions are a common cause behind shoulder tendinitis, but did you know sitting at a computer all day can have the same effect? Proper ergonomics is the most effective way to avoid shoulder issues for desk workers. Reaching too far forward to access the ...
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Try These Simple Remedies to Avoid Debilitating Headaches


There are few things more distracting than battling through a headache at work. While tension headaches or other minor headaches are annoying, the full-blown, head-pounding variety can render your day a complete waste. Headache pain and migraines are the fourth-leading cause of workplace disability. While few ...
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Audiometric Tests Protect Workers and Employers


Consistently high noise levels can be an overlooked health hazard in work environments. Employers are finding that partnering with experienced professionals to implement an audiometric testing program provides a level of protection for their workers as well as the organization. Audiometric testing monitors the sharpness and ...
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Night Shift Works Face Nature’s Clock


As convenient as it would be to have all workers on duty during daylight hours, the reality is many industries require a percentage of employees to work third shift. From hospital workers to truck drivers and factory workers, night owls battle an additional set of ...
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Air Quality Makes Work-Related Asthma a Common Problem


If you experience more trouble breathing and find yourself coughing more at work, you’re not alone. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in six adults with asthma either developed the condition on the job or have their ...
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Workers Fare Better When Natural Light is Plentiful


It should come as no surprise that workers with more exposure to natural light have better productivity and attitude than their windowless counterparts. But a recent study confirms these fortunate workers enjoy benefits away from work, too. According to a study from Northwestern Medicine and the ...
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Workers Who Stand for Long Periods Face Extra Fatigue Factor


Prolonged standing on the job has not received the attention that ergonomically correct sitting positions have garnered over the past several years, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t health problems associated with being on your feet. A study recently published in Human Factors, the journal of ...
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