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Healthy Business

Employers and Employees Benefit from Focus on Wellness


Changes in the healthcare environment over the past two decades have shifted responsibility for minimizing the financial impact squarely on employers and their employees. Time has proved that effective worksite wellness programs can produce additional benefits beyond the financial results employers were hoping to attain. The ...
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Corporate Wellness Buy-in Requires Attention to Detail


The financial and productivity benefits of employee health are making corporate wellness programs more important than ever. Before you implement a new program for your workforce or pull the plug on a stagnant existing program, make sure you have the key drivers in place to ...
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Electrical Hazards Produce a Shocking Number of Injuries and Fires


Electricity – even in the hands of experts – is one of the most dangerous elements in the workplace and at home. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 400 people suffer electrocutions every year in the U.S., almost half related to consumer products. The ...
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Construction Is a Dangerous Job; Here Are Five Steps to Enhance Safety


Construction work features some of the most dangerous worksite conditions of any occupation. Despite the best efforts of contractors to follow guidelines set by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), a great deal of responsibility falls on workers to take precautions in guarding their ...
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Make Your Workplace Safety-ready for Young Employees This Summer


With the school year coming to an end, employers soon will see an influx of young workers entering the workforce for summer employment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) encourages employers to take steps that minimize injuries for young workers and provide education regarding ...
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Seventh Annual Business Health Summit Scheduled for September 25


Mark your calendar to attend the seventh edition of the Business Health Summit, a free event sponsored by Saint Francis Medical Center’s Services to Business program. This year’s event will take place Thursday, September 25, in the Saint Francis Conference Center. The Business Health Summit provides ...
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Small Business Owners Cite Workplace Safety as Their Top Risk Concern


More small business owners are concerned about workplace safety than any other aspect of business risk, according to a recent survey commissioned by the insurance group Employers Holdings Inc. Thirty-five percent of respondents listed workplace safety as their top concern, far outdistancing the next highest issues ...
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