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Healthy Business

John Izzo Highlights Successful Sixth Annual Business Health Summit


On September 18 area healthcare professionals, including human resources employees, safety officers and risk management personnel, gathered together for Saint Francis Medical Center's sixth annual Business Health Summit. This free, full-day summit featured speakers who covered a variety of important topics relevant to occupational health ...
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What Your Business Should Know About Fire Safety


In recognition of National Fire Prevention Week, Cintas Corporation, a leader in first-aid and safety products, identified a few of the top questions safety managers should ask to ensure their business is prepared in the event of a fire. These questions will help businesses to ...
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Protecting Workers From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Every year, workers die from carbon monoxide poisoning. And with the arrival of colder weather, instances of exposure tend to increase. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the signs of carbon monoxide exposure and take the necessary precautions to protect employees from the ...
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Job Reassignment Is Most Effective Strategy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a repetitive motion injury that is among the most common afflictions in the workplace. While typists and keyboard operators are the most likely to develop this painful condition, other job functions with repetitive motions also are susceptible. CTS can feature pain ...
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Local Experts Highlight Business Health Summit

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Attendees at the 2013 Business Health Summit will hear from local experts on topics ranging from healthcare reform and its impact on local providers to a variety of occupational health issues. This free event, sponsored by Saint Francis Medical Center’s Services to Business program, will take ...
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Physicians to Discuss Occupational Medicine Topics at Business Health Summit


Saint Francis Medical Center’s occupational medicine physicians will discuss how issues as wide-ranging as sleep apnea and pre-employment physical evaluations can affect an organization’s profitability at the sixth annual Business Health Summit. This free event, sponsored by Saint Francis Medical Center’s Services to Business program, will ...
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Stay Hydrated and Keep Cool to Avoid Heat Stress


Heat stress is a common and dangerous issue for workers throughout the nation every summer. Heat stress can lead to heat exhaustion, and if unchecked, the more serious condition of heat stroke. Some of the most common symptoms of heat stroke are: Dry, hot skin without sweating Confusion Seizures Loss ...
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