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Minimize Your Allergy Triggers To Stay Safe at Work


Although allergies seemingly are a minor physical challenge, they can impact safety in the workplace due to their effect on concentration and fatigue. Managing allergy symptoms begins with identifying possible workplace triggers, understanding how allergies affect work performance, and finding the most effective medicines for your ...
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These Simple Exercises Can Soothe Knee Pain Right At Your Desk


Knee pain isn’t limited to workers with physically demanding jobs. It also can be an issue for desk-bound workers who experience discomfort when sitting for extending periods. Here are some simple exercises you can do at work to strengthen muscles that support the knees. You also ...
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Use These Tips to Power Through the Afternoon Blahs


It’s about an hour after lunch and your attention span is shrinking. You may wish you could take a nap, but you have to find a way to remain productive for the rest of the workday. What can you do to beat the afternoon energy ...
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Pay Attention to the Symptoms of Burnout In Time to Make Adjustments


Nothing takes the satisfaction out of a job more insidiously than burnout. The symptoms of burnout appear gradually, but there are warning signs that can indicate trouble lies ahead. Burnout occurs when an individual becomes exhausted of physical strength or emotional motivation as a result of ...
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Take Steps to Decrease Your Risk of Computer Eye Strain


The amount of time today’s workers spend in front of a computer screen continues to increase, especially for jobs that previously may have focused solely on physical work. Eye strain from computer use can cause a variety of issues ranging from vision focus challenges to decreased ...
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Use These Lifting Tips to Protect Your Back From Injury


A lot can go wrong when it comes to lifting, which is why this action is one of the most common causes of workplace injury. Learning the correct techniques for lifting and handling heavy objects can help prevent back pain and other serious injuries. Plan the lift – ...
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Here Are Some Cost-Free Ways to Promote Wellness In Your Workplace


Businesses with little or no budget for a formal wellness program are finding ways to make their offices more health-friendly. In fact, introducing physical and mental wellness into a company’s culture doesn’t have to cost a penny. Depending on the type of work environment and safety ...
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