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The Cash-Book Journal features Dr. Schafer and local tourniquet-free knee replacement patient

Jackson resident Marcia Hendrix knew that she needed to do something about her knee pain when it began to affect the quality of her life. She came to see Dr. Brian Schafer at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists and decided to have her first knee replaced in March of 2013 and the second one a year later. Hendrix’s first knee replacement went well and helped relieve her pain. However, after Hendrix’s second knee replacement, she noticed that the recovery process was much easier than the first time.

Dr. Schafer told her that the difference in recoveries was because he did not use a tourniquet in her second knee replacement. He learned about tourniquet-free knee replacements at an educational conference and has since been performing them with great success and patient satisfaction. Dr. Schafer says that tourniquet-free knee replacements offer many benefits over traditional knee replacements, including less blood loss during surgery, less pain and swelling after surgery, and quicker recovery times.

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