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What is Sports Medicine?

James M. Edwards, MD

James M. Edwards, MD

“Sports Medicine is a sub-specialty in Orthopedics that looks more at injuries related to sports,” says James M. Edwards, MD is a sports medicine specialist at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists.

“We get patients back to full participation as soon as possible. When athletes get injured, we have a full range of types of rehab and/or surgery or interventions that we can use. Every day I get to see different levels of injuries and different types of patients. I get to see people we’ve done total knee replacements on return back to activities that they didn’t think that they were going to be able to do.”

Dr. Edwards continues, “One athlete at the local university of Southeast Missouri State University was unable to walk and six months later is now back to participating fully. I think that the things we have going on in Orthopedics at Saint Francis Healthcare System today allow us to really get people back to where they need to be.”

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