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Total Knee Replacement

With the goal of relieving pain, restoring motion, and straightening your limb, a total knee replacement surgery is used to replace your painful knee joint with an artificial knee prosthesis made of metal and plastic. The artificial knee replacement restores the normal function of the knee... Read more

Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery is used to replace a painful hip joint with an artificial hip prosthesis made of metal and plastic. The artificial hip replacement restores the normal function of the natural hip joint. Like any joint replacement procedure, total hip replacement surgery will require ample... Read more

Subchondroplasty (Joint Preservation)

Subchondroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that encourages the natural healing of bone marrow lesions (BMLs). Patients with chronic bone marrow lesions are more likely to require a total knee replacement. The goal of the subchondroplasty procedure is to heal the BMLs and preserve the joint. During... Read more

Revision Knee Replacement

Knee revision surgery is also known as revision total knee replacement. It's a procedure that orthopedic surgeons use to replace previously implanted artificial knee joints, or prosthetics, that have become loose, are causing pain, or are at risk of causing harm to the knee joint. Following an... Read more

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery removes the damaged joint lining and replaces the joint surfaces with an artificial implant that functions similarly to a normal hip. A minimally invasive alternative to a traditional hip replacement surgery is anterior hip replacement surgery. This hip replacement technique achieves the same... Read more

Total Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Andrew C. Trueblood, shoulder and elbow, hand and wrist, and total joint care specialist at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists discusses total shoulder replacement in this video.

Total Knee Replacement

Advanced Orthopedic Specialists' board-certified sports medicine and joint replacement surgeon, Dr. Brian Schafer describes total knee replacement.

Partial & Total Knee Replacement

Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. R. August Ritter, III, of Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, describes partial and total knee replacement.

Joint Replacement & Revision

Our joint doctors at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists are recognized experts in joint replacement and revision. Over time the demand we place on our joints can cause severe joint pain and discomfort. After proper diagnosis, joint replacement may be recommended for pain relief. Whether you are considering a joint... Read more

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