Colleague Pharmacy Benefit

Effective January 2018, all colleagues and dependents using Saint Francis prescription insurance must fill their maintenance & specialty medications at a Saint Francis-owned pharmacy.

Maintenance medications must move to a Saint Francis pharmacy (Healing Arts & Specialty Pharmacy or Pharmacy Plus in Cape Girardeau, or Kneibert Clinic Pharmacy in Poplar Bluff) after the second fill and specialty medications must be filled at the Healing Arts & Specialty Pharmacy beginning with the first fill in 2018.

Please note: When you need a prescription filled for one-time use (for example, an antibiotic when you are sick), you may fill the prescription at the pharmacy of your choice.

Request a refill at all three pharmacies by phone or in person, online (for Healing Arts & Specialty Pharmacy prescriptions) through WinRxRefill or with the Rx2Go app on your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

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