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After the Mastectomy: Is Breast Reconstruction Surgery Right for You ?

Whether or not to undergo breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy is an intensely personal decision for the breast cancer patient. It is not a decision to take lightly. Some women choose to get immediate breast reconstruction. Others decide to wait a while for the procedure – either for medical or personal reasons. Many choose not to get the surgery at all.

To make sure she’s making the right choice for herself, any woman who is considering breast reconstruction after a mastectomy should discuss her options – and any concerns – with her medical team.

Saint Francis providers encourage breast cancer patients to discuss their thoughts and feelings about whether they want breast reconstruction or not – and, if they do, which type of surgery would be the best choice.

Breast cancer patients considering breast reconstruction after a mastectomy should discuss the following with their medical team: their treatment status (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.), the different types of breast reconstruction available (saline or silicone implants, or autologous reconstruction, which uses a woman’s own tissue), their desired time frame and any other concerns.

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