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Alzheimer’s Disease Is Disorienting, Dangerous

Alzheimer’s disease is a disorienting experience for patients and their families – and it can also be dangerous. The patient’s forgetfulness, confusion and memory loss can lead to becoming lost or being taken advantage of. Also, the patient may become unable to perform everyday tasks and function independently.

Michael T. Jedlinski, MD, FACP
Michael T. Jedlinski, MD, FACP

“Many people experience memory loss as they age, but the dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease is more severe,” says Michael T. Jedlinski, MD, FACP, internal medicine physician at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Alzheimer’s interferes with daily life and strains personal relationships. Seek medical attention if you suspect you or a loved one has this disease.”

Some early warning signs of Alzheimer’s are: difficulty completing familiar tasks, difficulty writing or speaking, confusion about time or place, decreased judgment, withdrawal from favorite activities and changes in mood or personality.

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