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Ankle Replacement

If you suffer from severe arthritis in your ankle, you may be a candidate for ankle replacement surgery. “Many patients can find relief with treatment such as medications, activity modification or bracing,” says R. August Ritter III, MD, orthopedic surgeon who practices at Saint Francis Healthcare System. “When those treatments do not work, surgery may be an option.”

R. August Ritter III, MD
R. August Ritter III, MD

Often, ankle replacement patients stay overnight in the hospital following their surgery, then return home to begin outpatient physical therapy. They must stay off their ankle for two to four weeks, then slowly begin walking on the ankle again.

“The goal with ankle replacement is to return good range of motion and comfort to a patient who has had to limit his or her activities because of arthritis,” says Ritter. “Some patients are able to run and jump again, while others are simply able to walk more comfortably.”

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