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Avoid Gluten with Celiac Disease

People with celiac disease experience damage to the lining of their small intestine when they eat foods with gluten, a form of protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats.

Doctors can make a celiac disease diagnosis after performing an endoscopy when they guide a small tube down the throat to examine the small intestine. “While we do not know exactly what causes celiac disease,  we do know the best treatment,” says Robert L. Robbins, DO, family practice physician, Saint Francis Medical Partner. “You must avoid all foods and drinks, including beer, that contain gluten.”

Robert L. Robbins, DO
Robert L. Robbins, DO

When people with celiac disease consume gluten, they experience diarrhea, weight loss, gas and bloating. If left untreated, this disease can cause other problems, including failure to thrive in children, anemia, osteoporosis, infertility and lymphoma of the intestine. “Eating even the smallest amount of gluten may trigger debilitating symptoms,” says Robbins.

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