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Avoid Sports Injuries With Offseason Conditioning

One of the most important aspects of playing a sport is making smart choices about what activities you do during the offseason. Offseason conditioning is key to remaining injury free.

Any athlete who participates in a competitive sports activity during a season is basically involved in a “controlled crash.” In order to sustain that ride so it does not end prematurely, you have to have some basis of conditioning, strength and power prior to the season. Three or four weeks of preseason activity is not enough, so you need to work on your muscles all year long.

While athletes typically improve their endurance during a sports season, they sacrifice strength and power in the process. That causes them to be more susceptible to injury. The best way to rebuild that strength and power is to take a two-week rest after the sport’s season is finished. Then, once you are ready to begin working again, you should focus on activities that are different from those you were performing during your sport.

The goal is to strengthen the areas above and below the muscles you were using during the season. That helps stabilize and strengthen those muscles.

Saint Francis’ Sports Medicine program offers an effective method for athletes to maximize their offseason training. Trainers in the Medical Center’s Fitness Plus gym customize training programs that take into account an athlete’s specific body type.

The Sports Medicine program maximizes endurance, strength and power to allow participation in almost any kind of sport without breaking down prematurely. The benefits can be realized for single-sport, multi-sport or recreational athletes.

Regardless of what kind of athlete you are, it is important not to participate in the same sport all year long. With the same repetitive activity, an athlete tends to break down muscle tissue and tendons, possibly leading to injuries. A strategy to combat this is to either have an offseason, or participate in multiple sports that use different energy systems and activities so muscles do not break down so quickly.

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