Some Benign Tumors Require Treatment

When you find out your tumor is not cancerous, that is good news indeed. However, if a tumor is pressing on a blood vessel or nerve, you may need to seek further treatment.

“For some tumors, we take a ‘watch and wait’ approach,” says Jay D. Willey, MD, internal medicine physician at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Others need to be surgically removed without damaging any surrounding tissues.”

Common types of benign tumors include:

Willey_JayHemangiomas – A common type of birthmark, these form from a buildup of blood vessel cells. Many are treatable without surgery.

Fibroids – These tumors commonly grow in the uterus and can cause heavy bleeding or pelvic pain.

Neuromas – These tumors form from nerves and typically require surgical removal.

Meningiomas – Developing from the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord, these tumors may need to be removed, depending on what kinds of symptoms – headaches, seizures, personality changes – they cause.

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