Breast Reduction Reduces Pain

Despite the pain, many women with large breasts suffer in silence. Safe and effective, breast reduction surgery may be the solution.

“Women with very large breasts can have problems,” says David M. Deisher, MD, plastic surgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center. “They can complain of neck, back and shoulder pain. Most women have problems for many years before they come see a plastic surgeon. Once they realize there is a treatment option, they’re very eager to have the surgery done. In fact, women who have a breast reduction are uniformly some of the happiest patients.”

Deisher_DavidBreast reduction provides both shortand long-term bene ts, from increased comfort to reduced pain. “We’ve seen lots of patients who had problems with pain and were on pain medication, but after their breast reduction, they were able to wean those medicines down or stop them completely,” says Deisher.

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