C02 Prevents Gas After Colonoscopies

When doctors perform a procedure such as a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, they typically inflate the colon with air to more easily see any potential problems. The drawback is that nitrogen, which makes up most of our air, can cause gas problems post-procedure.

That is why doctors at Saint Francis Medical Center are now using a newer technique called C02 insufflation. With C02 insufflation, the colon is inflated with carbon dioxide instead of regular air. Since carbon dioxide is absorbed 150 times faster than air, patients wake up with no gas discomfort.

Freeman-Michael_MG_0104“This is especially helpful when we are trying to identify any post-procedure problems,” says Michael R. Freeman, MD, gastroenterologist at Saint Francis. “When people have pain after a procedure, we know it is probably due to a complication, and not gas. That means we can treat problems more quickly.”

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