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Cardiac Risk Assessments

If you have a history of heart disease, smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you should participate in a regular cardiac risk assessment. This can occur during a routine physical examination with your primary care physician, or during an office visit with a cardiologist.

“Our primary goal is to make sure all your risk factors are controlled,” says Duc T. Nguyen, DO, interventional cardiologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “If possible, you should try to solve the problem through diet and exercise.

Nguyen_Duc“If you have been experiencing symptoms of heart disease,” Nguyen continues, “we may proceed to cardiac testing, stress testing or a coronary angiogram – a special X-ray which tells me if your coronary arteries are blocked or narrowed.”

The main purpose of a cardiac risk assessment is to identify heart disease early enough so you can prevent a major event like a heart attack or a stroke.

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