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Celiac Disease Is a Pain in the Gut

Something’s wrong; you can feel it in your gut. If your symptoms include gas, bloating and abdominal pain, you might be one of the growing number of Americans with celiac disease.

Celiac disease is an allergy to gluten an ingredient mainly found in wheat but also in many other foods: even makeup and postage stamps. When celiac patients consume gluten, their intestines become inflamed and unable to absorb nutrients. In addition to pain, the disease can cause nutritional deficiency, osteoporosis and anemia.

Rafid J. Hussein, DO
Rafid J. Hussein, DO

“We want to find celiac early on to prevent people from developing complications later,” says Rafid J. Hussein, DO, gastroenterologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “The treatment is very simple. We remove gluten from the person’s diet, which controls the problem. The diagnosis can change someone’s life in a profound way. When someone who has felt bloating all their life stops eating wheat, all of a sudden they feel like a new person.”

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