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Continuum of Care

When you are admitted to Saint Francis Medical Center, you may be under the care of a hospitalist – an internal medicine physician who coordinates a hospital patient’s care. A hospitalist manages your hospital care, which may include assisting communication with specialists and primary care physicians.

“Before the patient is admitted to the hospital, the hospitalist will discuss the patient’s health history and any health issues with Fritsch_William2the primary care and or emergency department physician. During the hospital stay, the hospitalist will manage the patient care and request specialist input as needed,” says William J. Fritsch Jr., MD, hospitalist at Saint Francis. “Finally, at discharge the hospitalist will make a follow-up appointment with the primary care physician or specialist on behalf of the patient.”

A hospitalist serves as the patient’s main point of contact during the hospital stay. “We try to maintain contact with all physicians involved with the patient’s care,” says Fritsch. “The hospitalist is someone who can put together a comprehensive plan of care that is best for each patient.”

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