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Control Your Blood Sugar

When you have diabetes, controlling your blood sugar level is the key to staying healthy. The following are some tips for keeping your blood sugar stable:

  1. Stick to a regular meal schedule. “When you eat just one or two big meals a day, that can cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop dramatically,” says Erica E. Gibson, MD, family practice physician, Saint Francis Medical Partner. “Eat three meals at around the same time each day, along with two snacks.”
  2. Pack a snack. Bring healthy snacks with you throughout the day so you can avoid dangerous drops in your blood sugar level.
  3. Exercise regularly. Cardiovascular or resistance exercises can improve the way your body metabolizes sugars, which can regulate blood sugar in the short term and potentially reverse

    Erica E. Gibson, MD

    diabetes in the long term.

To make an appointment with Gibson, call 573-331-3000 or visit her webpage to learn more.

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