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Control Diabetes During Pregnancy

Patients with pre-existing diabetes or those who develop gestational diabetes need to carefully monitor their glucoses to have the best outcome for their babies. This often involves testing the blood glucoses frequently. Controlling glucose levels can decrease the risk of additional complications of pregnancy, including preeclampsia and preterm delivery.

Naomi L. Wahl, MD, FACOG
Naomi L. Wahl, MD, FACOG

“A woman with abnormal glucose, either from underlying diabetes or gestational diabetes, should follow the recommended diet, eat on a regular basis, monitor her glucoses and ideally try to stay active to help optimize glucose control. High glucoses can cause health issues for both the mother and the baby,” says Naomi L. Wahl, MD, FACOG, perinatologist at Saint Francis Medical Center.

“We know that babies who are overweight when they are born have an increased risk of being overweight as they grow, which increases their risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Women who have abnormal glucoses during their pregnancy should work closely with their doctor and other professionals to keep the glucoses as normal as possible,” Wahl said.

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