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Couple Sheds 235 Pounds With Weight Loss Solutions

For Nancy Mulvaney, the past year has been about enjoying all the aspects of life that many people take for granted – taking a hike, being able to fit easily into amusement park rides and having enough energy to manage her two full-time healthcare jobs.

Thanks to Weight Loss Solutions, Saint Francis Medical Center’s bariatric surgery program, Nancy and her husband, Randy, of Cape Girardeau have lost a combined 235 pounds since their surgeries in December 2012. “We had tried every diet under the sun, and then some,” says Nancy, 54, who lost 115 pounds. “We researched weight-loss surgery and decided it was the right choice for us.”

Both Mulvaneys chose the sleeve gastrectomy, in which the surgeon removes about 85 percent of the stomach so it takes the shape of a sleeve. They attribute their success to the fact that they followed Saint Francis’ program to the letter.

LeGrand_Ryan“Surgery is not an easy route to weight loss,” says Ryan A. LeGrand, MD, the bariatric surgeon at Saint Francis who leads Weight Loss Solutions. “Our patients have a very strict diet they must follow. But when they are committed to the program, they can find great success.”

Before the surgery, Randy, 51, had Type 2 diabetes and suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. “I was getting tired of hearing the doctors telling me I was a ticking time bomb,” he says.

Each of Randy’s doctors took him off his medications soon after surgery. Over the next several months, he lost 120 pounds. Now he has much more energy to manage the construction company he owns.

Nancy says it has been strange to shop in a different part of the clothing store. “I will hold something up and say there is no way I can wear it,” says Nancy. “Then I will try it on and it actually fits.”

While losing weight has required dedication, it has not been as difficult as the Mulvaneys thought it would be. “The results we got out of it outweigh any challenges,” says Nancy. “I would do it again in a second. I would rather be like I am now than like I was before.”

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