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Doctors Support Healthy Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, your doctor can assist you in creating a plan that will keep you healthy and help you reach your goals. “You need a strong support system during your weight loss, and your doctor can provide an unbiased outside opinion,” says Erica E. Gibson, MD, family practice physician, Saint Francis Medical Partner.

Your doctor can make suggestions based on your situation. For example, if you like to eat out, she might suggest you share an entree with a friend.

Erica E. Gibson, MD
Erica E. Gibson, MD

Each weight-loss plan should be tailored to the individual. “When I have a patient who wants to lose weight, I perform a full examination and look at his or her laboratory results to determine any predisposed medical problems,” says Gibson. “Then, I can help them find the right plan.”

To make an appointment with Gibson or learn more about weight-loss programs at Saint Francis, call 573-331-3000.

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