Don’t Mess With a Broken Neck

Protect your neck. A cervical spine fracture, or broken neck, is nothing to play around with. If you or someone you know suffers a neck injury from a blow to the head, traffic collision, diving accident or other impact, immediate medical attention is paramount. To lessen the risk of paralysis, keep the head immobile and have someone call 911 after any such incident.

“With a cervical spine fracture, the thing you want to avoid is neurologic injury,” says David G. Yingling, MD, neurosurgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center. “The spinal cord runs through the cervical spine, and if it’s pinched or bruised, it can cause anything from numbness and tingling to mild weakness to total paralysis.”

Yingling_DavidTreatments for a broken neck range from a collar to surgery.

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