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Expectant Mothers Should Expect Fatigue

When you’re expecting, expect fatigue. It’s normal to feel tired as you carry the extra weight of the baby inside you. You’ll probably have trouble sleeping, too. What can you do to feel more refreshed?

“Mothers can fight fatigue by making sure they’re getting their prenatal vitamins,” says Jessica H. Lemmons, MD, FACOG, obstetrician/gynecologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Eating right is so important. Stick to high-protein foods and complex carbohydrates, and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Jessica H. Lemmons, MD, FACOG
Jessica H. Lemmons, MD, FACOG

“Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep,” continues Lemmons, who recommends earlier bedtimes and naps.

If an expectant mother experiences dizziness, light-headedness or other symptoms in addition to fatigue, she should see a physician to rule out high blood sugar, high blood pressure or other dangerous conditions.

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