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Fight Fatigue

If you feel tired all the time, there could be a medical reason … or you might just be taking on too much in your life. Here are some reasons you could be experiencing fatigue:

  • Underactive thyroid: Called “hypothyroidism,” this condition occurs when your body does not produce enough of the thyroid hormone. “Your doctor can diagnose this condition with a blood test,” says Donald S. Piland, MD, internal medicine physician at Physicians Park Primary Care. “Then, you can easily manage it with medication.”
  • Anemia: Frequently affecting women, anemia is a condition in which your body lacks enough red blood cells. “Depending on the cause of the anemia, your doctor can treat you with certain supplements, oxygen or even blood transfusions,” says Piland.
  • Lack of sleep: Adults need to sleep seven to eight hours per night. Not sleeping enough can result in fatigue. In addition, sleep apnea can cause disordered sleep, which can be just as serious. This is easily detected through testing.

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