Fighting Seasonal Allergies

If you experience seasonal allergies in the spring, fall or both, it is a good idea to start taking medications several weeks before your allergies are due to begin. “Taking medications before you even begin experiencing symptoms stabilizes the allergic response,” says Deborah D. Price, DO, FACOI,  internal medicine physician at Saint Francis Medical Center.

While people with allergies often use prescription medications, Price says over-the-counter antihistamines also can be very effective. However, you may need to supplement your antihistamine with a decongestant as well.

Price_DeborahIn addition to taking medications, Price recommends keeping your windows closed and using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in your air conditioner. “It may seem obvious, but you should stay away from whatever it is that you are allergic to,” she says. “If you are allergic to grass or trees, stay inside.”

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