Fixing Spinal Canal Problems

Foraminal stenosis is the narrowing of the tunnels that encase the nerves leading from the spine to the legs. When the nerves have less room

to travel through the spinal canal, it can result in pain in the legs. Franklin Hayward II, DO, neurosurgeon and chairman of neurosurgery at Saint Francis Medical Center, performs a minimally invasive procedure that opens up the tunnels, allowing for more movement.

“Typically, patients have to undergo major surgery to correct this problem,” says Hayward. “In some Hayward_Franklincases, neurosurgeons may even need to remove a bone. However, the device I use simply spreads apart the joint to give the nerve room to travel through it. It is much less invasive than other methods.”

During the procedure, Hayward makes a small incision in the patient’s back and attaches a
spacer to the spinous process with two metal plates.

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