Flu: Worse Than Cold, So See Your Doctor

You’re congested, tired and achy. You know you’re sick, but is it a cold or the flu?

“Think of the flu as a super-powered cold, with symptoms much greater in scope,” says Jesse D. Hoff, MD, family medicine physician at Saint Francis Medical Center. “With a cold, you’re going to have congestion, maybe a little headache, maybe a little achiness. Influenza is much worse. With influenza, you have a higher chance of a fever. You tend to have a lot more fatigue. In general, you just feel worse.”

Hoff_JesseIf you suspect you have the flu, it’s important to seek medical attention, since the disease could be associated with other secondary infections such as pneumonia, ear infections and sinus infections. Also, the flu takes a much harder toll on young children and the elderly.

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