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Geriatric Fracture Program

When an older patient falls and fractures a bone, there may be other problems that caused that fall. Health problems that could lead to a fall include high blood pressure, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, heart failure or poorly controlled diabetes.

“With Saint Francis Medical Center’s geriatric fracture program, we are coordinating our efforts to identify potential issues early,” says R. August Ritter III, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Saint Francis. “The process starts when the patient comes to the emergency room and continues with the patient’s primary care physician, or one of the hospitalists after the patient has been admitted.”

R. August Ritter III, MD
R. August Ritter III, MD

When doctors and nurses can control a patient’s underlying issues, that patient has a much better chance for a successful surgery and excellent outcome. “Through physical and occupational therapy, post-surgery, we can help patients build up their capacity, so they can return to their best level of independence,” says Ritter.

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