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Happy Mother’s Day Means Healthy Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This year, give your mother the gift of health. Make her a nutritious meal, get some exercise together and be sure to tell her how much you love her. Her heart will appreciate it.

“Show your appreciation; tell her what you love about her,” says Erica E. Gibson, MD, family practice physician at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Positive reinforcement is a good way to relieve stress. I always recommend pampering moms on Mother’s Day.”

Gibson.EricaIf you serve your mom breakfast in bed, add some delicious fruit to the plate. Take the whole family outside for a hike or bike ride. Most importantly, have fun.

“Don’t make it a stressful event, with too many things packed in together,” says Gibson. “If it’s organized ahead of time, she doesn’t have to plan anything. Keep it low stress.”

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