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Headache Diaries

If you suffer from frequent migraines, keeping a headache diary could help you and your doctor determine the best course of treatment. The diary will help you keep track of the intensity of your headaches and other symptoms that need to be addressed.

Andrew Godbey, MD, MSPH
Andrew Godbey, MD, MSPH

“We look for a pattern,” says Andrew Godbey, MD, MSPH, neurologist at Saint Francis Medical Center. “That can show us if there are any underlying issues that are behind your migraines.”

Headache diaries keep track of the type of pain you are experiencing, the symptoms that led to the headache, the amount of sleep you received and the type of food you ate before the headache. They also track the medications you receive. “That is extremely important, because it will tell us whether we need to go down a different road for treatment,” says Godbey.

You can obtain a headache diary online. For more information, call 573-332-1972.

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