Healing Options for Skin Ulcers

Patients who suffer from diabetic foot ulcers or venous stasis ulcers on their legs have several high-tech options at Saint Francis Medical Center for faster healing – skin substitutes.

Saint Francis physicians use three different types of skin substitutes: Apligraf®, which is made from fetal foreskin cells; EpiFix®, which is made from the membrane of placental cells and OASIS®, which is made from cells found in the walls of the small intestine. “While Apligraf Moore_Colleen-J-5688and Oasis merge with your skin and become part of it, EpiFix stimulates your body to send growth signals and heal the wound,” says Colleen J. Moore, MD, FACS, vascular surgeon and medical director of Saint Francis’ Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center.

“The average time to heal a venous stasis ulcer is six months or more,” Moore continues. “These skin substitutes can help a patient make progress in six to eight weeks.”

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