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Helping You Lose – 10 At Home Exercises

Despite what health club commercials would have you believe, there are plenty of fat-burning exercises you can do at home. Not only do they build muscle and help trim you down, these exercises fit into any schedule.

  • Pushups – One of the best overall exercises, the key is to do them correctly: With your hands under your shoulders and your legs and body rigid, lower yourself until your chest touches the floor, then pull back up until your arms are fully extended.
  • Squats – This exercise works a number of muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes (butt). While standing, put your hands behind your head with your elbows back and your chest out. Sit back at your hips and bend your knees to lower your body while keeping your torso as straight as possible.
  • Pull-ups – Hang from a bar with your hands shoulder-length apart and palms facing forward. Raise up until your chin is over the bar, then lower yourself back down. (Note: you need a pull-up bar for this exercise.)
  • Step-ups – This exercise can be done on stairs, step stool, exercise bench or other stable raised surface. Place one foot on the step and push down through the heel of the other leg to lift the other leg up until you are standing on the raised surface. Return to the starting position. Do all repetitions for one leg before switching to the other one.
  • Plank – This involves holding a modified pushup position for 30 seconds at a time. Keep your elbows under your shoulders with your shoulder blades back and down, and your stomach muscles tight.
  • One-leg Romanian Deadlift – Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Raise one foot and extend it behind you, just off the floor. Contract your glutes, brace your abs and keep your spine naturally arched. Focusing on balance, lower yourself until your torso is parallel to the floor. Initiate the movement by pushing your hips back. Push back up to the starting position.
  • Stick-up – Stand with your back to a wall and your feet six inches from the wall. Stick your hands up, touching the back of them to the wall. With your hands, elbows, shoulders and wrists in contact with the wall, bring your elbows down to your side. Return to the starting position and repeat.
  • T Pushup – The same as a pushup, except that when your arms are extended, raise one arm and point it straight into to air to form a “T” with your body. Bring your arm back down and repeat with the other arm.
  • V-up and Roll – Lie on your back with your arms extended out behind you. Contract your abs and fold your body up by lifting your legs and stretching your arms toward your toes. Remember to keep your back straight.
  • Shoulder Press Pushup – Put your feet on a bench and your hands on the floor, facing downward. Position your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Stick your hips in the air so your torso is as vertical as possible. Lower your head to the floor, then push yourself back up.
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