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Helping You Lose – Bariatric Surgery Changes More Than Your Body

Bariatric surgery changes you. But how? For most people, the changes in health and physical appearance will be obvious, from lower blood pressure to a smaller belt size. The way that others see you will change, too. But what about the way you see yourself? Or the way you think about food? These internal changes will not be clear to the outside world, but when they happen to you, you’ll know. You’ll not only feel different, you’ll think differently, too.

Anticipating and adapting to these profound psychological changes is a key part of the recovery process. In fact, maximizing the success of your bariatric surgery requires you to rethink your relationships with your health, your body and your appetite both before and after your surgery. Your positive self-perception depends on it.

Ryan A. LeGrand, MD
Ryan A. LeGrand, MD

We know it’s hard to process these changes – much harder than actually losing the weight for some people. That’s why we offer so much information and encouragement. “We offer a lot of support to keep patients on track,” says our bariatric surgeon, Ryan A. LeGrand, MD. “Bariatric surgery can jump-start their weight loss, but then they have to work to maintain their weight and keep it off. They have to develop new lifestyle habits. It’s difficult.”

We’re here to help. Our dieticians and psychologists can teach you plenty about nutrition, fitness and mental health – and they can also lend a listening ear. Bariatric surgery changes you both physically and mentally. So, as you prep for your surgery, remember to prep your mind, too. In your post-bariatric-surgery future, everything will be different – especially the way you feel.

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