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Helping You Lose – Are You Breathing Correctly During Your Workout?

Are you short of breath when you run? Here are a few tips that could help you.

Relax your shoulders. If your shoulders are up by your ears while you run, you are restricting the breathing area and not allowing for maximum oxygen uptake. Shake your shoulders out and then try to bring them slightly back, which expands the chest area and opens up the front of your body.

Breathe through your nose and mouth. You do not have to focus on doing this, but make sure you are not limiting breathing by closing your mouth or by only breathing through the mouth. Shift focus and awareness to where the breath is coming in and going out, and do not limit yourself to one or the other while running. You need as much air in as possible, so breathe in a way that feels the least restrictive to you.

Slow down. Labored breathing is telling you something when working out. Is it possible that you are running too hard and your body is telling you to slow down? Try slowing your pace so breathing becomes easier – even taking walking breaks if needed.

Try cadence breathing – breathing to the tempo of your foot pace. Breathing cadence can tell you how hard you are working and if you need to slow down or speed up. Cadence can be steps per inhale or per exhale, so experiment to find out which works best for you. A 3-3 cadence is good to start: three steps per inhale and three steps per exhale. As you speed up or do a harder workout, use a 2-2 or 2-1 cadence. If you are at a 1-1 cadence – one step per inhale and one per exhale – you are working too hard and should dial it down.

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