Helping You Lose – Exercise is Medicine

Fitness Plus offers several programs for the community that will help add supervised physical activity and wellness education to your life. All of our programs offer instruction by professional staff to safely encourage you to take the first steps to improve your quality of life. Vitality for Health is the eight-week program that is the foundation for Exercise is Medicine. Vitality for Health offers pre- and post-assessments, structured resistance and balance training, as well as nutrition and health-risk education. Clients are entitled to three visits per week for eight weeks as well as the use of Fitness Plus on class days. Sessions are held in the Saint Francis Health and Wellness Center.

Eight-week sessions starting:

August 20, October 15 Members $69 Nonmembers $99

For more information call 573-331-5583 or contact Dianne Lawrence, BS, AFAA, at 573-331-5302,

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