Helping You Lose – She Found a Weight Loss Plan that Worked – The Healthy Weigh Testimonial

Maile Gannon knew many people who had had success losing weight through Saint Francis Medical Center’s The Healthy Weigh. If they could do it, she reasoned, so could she. And she did.

Gannon, 42, lost 35 pounds while following The Healthy Weigh program. The program incorporates diet solutions from Health Management Resources (HMR®), a weight management company that specializes in lifestyle education, personalized attention and follow-up and emphasizes long-term weight and health management. Patients eat prepared entrees and meal replacements- like shakes and bars- and receive weekly coaching from a dietitian.

While Gannon, a Cape Girardeau resident and physical education teacher at Jackson High School, has always been physically active, she has struggled to lose weight. “Everything I was doing just was not giving me the results I wanted,” she says. “I needed to try something different.”

The Healthy Weigh turned out to be exactly what she needed. She especially liked attending the weekly group coaching sessions. “There was a good group of people who entered the program at the same time I did,” she says, “and talking to them was a great way to stay motivated.”

She also appreciated the support of The Healthy Weigh staff. “They are energetic and positive,” she says.

Gannon’s initial goal was to lose 30 pounds, and she accomplished that in 13 weeks. Now, she is in “Phase Two,” the maintenance stage of The Healthy Weigh. She still uses some meal replacements and prepackaged entrées, but she also cooks her own food and strives to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

“At The Healthy Weigh, our goal is to teach patients how to lose weight safely and lead healthier lives,” says Philip E. Tippen, MD, internal medicine physician at Saint Francis and medical director of The Healthy Weigh. “We help them learn proper portion control and nutrition so they can keep the weight off for the rest of their lives.”

Gannon wants to set a healthy lifestyle example for her children, who are 7 and 9 years old. “It is important for our family to practice good nutrition,” she says. “The Healthy Weigh is helping us do just that.”

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