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Helping You Lose – Why Lose Weight?

You made a New Year’s resolution. You can’t fit into your favorite jeans. Swimsuit season is coming up. You want to look good in your wedding photos.

Are these the reasons you want to lose weight? If so, that’s fine. They’re all valid reasons. In fact, we believe almost anything that motivates you to lose weight through a healthy combination of exercise, diet or bariatric surgery is a good one. Whatever gets you off the couch and into the gym – or the produce aisle at the grocery store – is something to celebrate.

Of course, there are all sorts of health-related reasons to lose weight, too, from lowering your blood pressure to reducing your cancer risk. So, if you’re still wondering why you should lose weight, try these reasons on for size:

Cardiovascular Health

Losing weight reduces your cholesterol and blood pressure, which in turn lowers your risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Diabetes Prevention

If you have prediabetes (a blood sugar level above normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes), losing weight can help you can delay or prevent its progression to type 2 diabetes.

Cancer Prevention

Research shows that losing weight can help prevent many cancer deaths. In addition, the lifestyle changes advocated by Saint Francis Medical Center and the HMR program – eating healthier and exercising more – have also been shown to reduce cancer risk factors.

Additional Health Benefits

Better self-image. Deeper sleep. Less stress on your joints. Improved memory. Plus too many other reasons to list!

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