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Helping You Lose – Member Spotlight

At least five days a week, at 5 am, the five friends train together. Whether they’re swimming, bicycling, running or lifting weights – whether they’re training for an upcoming triathlon or recovering from a recent half-marathon – Fitness Plus members Jason Bandermann, Ryan Bandermann, John Dennis, Rick Miller and Alex Ogburn are pushing each other as hard as they can. “We drive each other to improve,” says Jason Bandermann. “It’s what gets me up in the morning,” says his brother, Ryan Bandermann. For several years, the friendly competition has kept the athletes motivated and accountable. “When the alarm goes off, if you didn’t have the guys waiting for you, you’d hit the snooze button and not go in,” says John Dennis. None of them would dream of missing a workout – or taking it easy on the track or a treadmill. “Every training session turns into a competition of some sort; everyone feeds off everyone else,” says Rick Miller. “We make each other better,” adds Alex Ogburn. With a group like this, everyone wins.

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