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Helping You Lose – Weight Loss Solutions testimonial

One hundred. That how many pounds Adam Halter lost, and that’s the percentage happier he feels four months after his Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery at Saint Francis Medical Center’s Weight Loss Solutions.

“I have an incredible confidence level now,” says Halter. “I’ve always loved to work out, and now that I’m 100 pounds lighter, it’s much easier and more enjoyable. I now have the peace of mind that I’m going to live a longer, stronger and happier life.”

For years, Halter tried various combinations of diet and exercise to lose weight, but his efforts were unsuccessful in the long run.

“I have struggled with weight nearly my whole life,” he says. “At times, it seemed to be very confusing when trying to figure out why. After hitting the 400-pound mark, I took classes and started a diet. I got down to about 325 pounds, but I gained it all back.”

Finally, after exhausting all other options, Halter decided to try Weight Loss Solutions. The entire team at this revolutionary bariatric surgery center answered his questions, soothed his fears and made sure he was physically and emotionally prepared to undergo this life-changing procedure.

Halter found the program’s bariatric surgeon, Andrew R. LeGrand, MD, particularly helpful. “His attention to detail is unlike anything I have ever encountered, resulting in a fast and easy recovery,” says Halter. “He is very caring of his patients, and it was truly a blessing that he was my surgeon.”

Now lighter, happier and healthier, Halter thinks Weight Loss Solutions could be your solution, too. “If you decide that your past attempts at weight loss haven’t worked,” he says, “then I would 100 percent recommend going to Weight Loss Solutions.”

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