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Helping You Lose – Workout Routines Can Keep You Accountable

Life is busy. Working out is hard. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to skip a workout. If you’re trying to lose weight and having trouble making time for your workouts, it might be beneficial to establish a daily or weekly routine. The most successful athletes – even amateur ones – are those who can stick to a schedule. Try these techniques to keep yourself moving:

Work out first thing in the morning

Wake up an hour or 30 minutes earlier than usual and head to the gym, pool or weight bench in your garage. That way, you’ll be done before work, and you won’t have to worry about feeling drained or trying to squeeze it in later. As an added benefit, you’ll probably feel more alert the rest of the day. You’ll definitely feel more accomplished!

Set a schedule

Maybe you’re not a morning person. That’s fine. But if you find yourself constantly putting off working out till the next day … and the day after that … and the day after that … it might be time to set a schedule. Pick a day and a time to work out and stick to it. Treat it like a commitment. Maybe even sign up for a fitness class or join a group for additional motivation.

Write it down

Keep track of your sets, repetitions, mileage or any other benchmarks in a notebook or spreadsheet to see how much you’re improving. Record your workout goals to keep yourself accountable. Keep an exercise blog or use an app to share your workout results and solicit positive feedback from your friends.

Use the buddy system

Speaking of friends, will any of them run, swim or go rock climbing with you? Like a journal, a workout buddy can keep you accountable. On those days when you don’t want to exercise, your friends can keep you motivated. After all, you wouldn’t want to let them down, would you? Invite your brother or sister to play tennis or racquetball with you – or should we say against you? Put a team together for pickup basketball or football. Exercising with friends is not only healthy – it’s fun. For some people, it’s the best way to work out on a regular basis.

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