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Helping You Lose – Are You Eating Your Feelings?

How to Regain Control of Emotional Eating

Once you have a realization of how your emotions affect your hunger, you can regain control. Do you notice that you are hungry when you are tired, bored, or is it from patterned behavior – potentially a certain time of the day that you are accustomed to eating?

Addressing the root cause of hunger can help to combat where the actual “hunger” is coming from.

If you don’t address the root cause of your overeating (especially emotional eating) you’ll continue to overeat. If you try to simply stop overeating, or gain control for a while, it will come back. True story. Emotional eating is a powerful force that can become a deeply ingrained, almost automatic response to certain feelings.

Freedom comes from understanding or releasing emotions and feeling better about the choices that are made. Understand that you do have control – by controlling the thoughts attached to the emotions and reaching for a better thought or feeling!

Breaking free of emotional eating (and most overeating) means honoring the reality that you have feelings and learning how to approach them in ways that help you feel authentic and cared for and responded to—even if sometimes you are the one doing the responding. While there are some exceptions, feelings shift, transform, and evolve when you respect them, acknowledge them, and address them in a purposeful way. Remember – the feelings have served some type of purpose in the past – but may no longer be needed!

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