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High Heels Cause Foot Pain

High heels are a staple in many women’s wardrobes – but wearing them all day, every day can cause serious orthopedic problems. “The altered position of walking in high heels places a great amount of force on the inside of the knee, which can lead to osteoarthritis,” says Rickey L. Lents, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center.

The shoes also create problems in the toes themselves. Because the foot is angled downward, there is a great amount of pressure on the toes, which Lents_Rickeyleads to bunions and hammertoe – a condition in which the smaller toes of the foot become unable to straighten.

“It is OK to wear high heels in moderation,” says Lents. “If you wear them at work, use athletic shoes on your way to and from work so you minimize the amount of walking you do in high heels.”

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