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In the Pool with Arthritis 

If you suffer from arthritis, Arthritis Aquatics classes at Saint Francis Healthcare System’s Fitness Plus may be the perfect way for you to find relief from your pain.

“The water’s buoyancy takes pressure off your joints,” says Sandy Duncan, MSA, ACSM, EP-C, manager for Health and Wellness Services at Fitness Plus. “Participants are able to do much more in the water than they can on land, which helps them exercise in a safe, fun way.”

The classes also are a great way to meet others. “Our participants are a very social group and often get together for lunch after class,” says Duncan.

Duncan SandyFitness Plus offers more than 20 Arthritis Aquatics classes each week. Participants can enroll in a class at any time. The Cape Girardeau Senior Citizens’ Service Fund board has provided some scholarships for Cape County residents 60 and older who have a financial need.

Call 573-331-5970 for a scholarship application or to register.

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