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Midwives Deliver Babies

Saint Francis Medical Center offers three certified nurse midwives, Tracy Carr, RN, BSN, MSN, CNM, Megan Keeney, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CNM and Meredith J. Gruenwald, FNP-BC, CNM, who serve as primary caregivers for moms-to-be and are present during their labor and delivery.

“Certified nurse midwives have a great deal of formal training and are board certified to deliver babies,” says Grant D. McWilliams, DO, FACOG, obstetrician and gynecologist, Saint Francis Medical Partner. “They are a trustworthy resource.”

Grant D. McWilliams, DO, FACOG
Grant D. McWilliams, DO, FACOG

While a certified nurse midwife often sees a patient through pregnancy, labor and delivery without a physician’s assistance,  she is in constant communication with a physician throughout the pregnancy.

“If a patient needs extra assistance during delivery, the physician is immediately available,” says McWilliams. “Additionally, should the labor be quite long, we have multiple midwives who are able to relieve each other so the patient always experiences the highest quality of care.”

To make an appointment with a certified nurse midwife, call 573-331-3000.

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