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Minimally Invasive Wrist Surgery

If you have been experiencing constant wrist pain for more than a month, it is time to see a doctor. There are many different causes of wrist pain, including arthritis, fractures, torn ligaments and long-term chronic pain resulting from childhood injuries.

“When you have a wrist problem, we try conservative treatments first,” says Andrew C. Trueblood, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Saint Francis Medical Center. “Those treatments include anti-inflammatory medications, splints and injections.”

Trueblood_AndrewSometimes, however, surgery is the best option. Many wrist problems can be treated using arthroscopy — a minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon makes a small incision in the wrist through which he inserts a camera and tiny instruments. “These procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, so you can go home that night,” says Trueblood. “Arthroscopic surgeries allow me to see even better than with an open surgery, and there is minimal additional trauma to the wrist.

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